Best of 2014

Every year for at least the past 5 years I make a habit of looking at the various music journals and comparing their best of the year lists. If anything sounds interesting to me or if by some freaky chance they agree on something, I will immediately download the album and give it a listen. I’ve discovered some cool stuff that way. I will admit that I have also found a lot of stuff I really didn’t much care for. But that’s the fun of listening to music isn’t it? Discovering something for yourself and deciding if it really speaks to you?

I’m finding that this year’s entries are very moody. So far nothing’s really grabbed me but I’m a bit slow. Speaking of slow, I am very intrigued by a recent project by Beck where he released an album’s worth of tunes on sheet music. Very cool. I thought it was from last year but turns out it was 2012. Like I said I am slow. However i really like the idea he had of releasing the songs this way and then creating a forum where people can upload their own versions of the tunes. I’m working on a project of campfire songs and I think this is a great plan for this.

Hoping that something will grab me and that I’ll have to tell the world about it…


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