So we may have a brilliant idea.

When I say we in this case I am speaking of my daughter and I. She’s 13 and is my window on the world of young people. I really find that I’m somewhat oblivious to the world as seen by younger people. Sure I understand that there’s this internet thing and that people communicate with their thumbs but I’m pretty unaware of a lot of networking sites. Plus, the whole process of how kids discover things like music and comedy is new to me.

So she told me I should have a Vlog. I said that I had one until she explained the V at the beginning of the word. I’ve been reluctant to try and commit to weekly anything; I just don’t seem to have the productivity. However, when she explained that it didn’t have to be long, it didn’t always need to be scripted that we just needed our own hook a germ of an idea came.

My most recent song is about the “Bohemian Waxwing”, a bird which can live in very Northern Climes. It has been spending more and more of the year in Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Well, this year there has been a fairly temperate winter so far which has created a lot of freeze and thaw cycles. This has caused some of the small berries left on trees to start the fermentation process and the birds are getting drunk. Comedy gold! I put it to a Celtic Beat and debuted it at Soundcheck last week. Went over pretty well.

So here’s the plan. The hook is my beloved red plastic trombone. Somehow I’m going to find a way to play this in every video, even if it’s just the lead in to whatever bit I have planned. We’re going to call it “Red Plastic Trombone Theatre”. I hope to have the first one up this week and then make it a weekly event. I have a small puppet theatre that my father built for the kids years ago which I’ll use as a backdrop. And use for puppet shows of course!pbone


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