Soundcheck at the Neat

I host a monthly Open Mike at the Neat Cafe in Burnstown, Ontario. It’s been a lot of fun and a good opportunity to try out new material. We try to have a consistent night that being the last Wednesday of the month. However, sometimes we have to reschedule it if the Neat has other commitments. Or if we want to try a different night to see if the numbers change.

And then some months we screw up. Like this month!

So we knew that the Neat had a show already booked on the last Wednesday of the month and the following Thursday so we had to do it sooner. The Neat had put the 20th of November on their website so all was good; except that I got it in my head that it was wrong and we were doing it on the Wednesday (19th). So I’ve been telling people and changing my schedule and putting it on facebook and I’m completely wrong. So I’m trying to retract things today.

At least I didn’t have to retract something I said about Jian …


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