I Woke Up Country

This morning I woke up country. Every song idea I’ve had has come out country. Funny thing when one gets in a country spirit, almost everything seems like it could be a country song. Like, “I Woke Up Country”. Wonder if that’s already a song. I just went on google and haven’t found anything yet. Lot of , “Woke up this morning” though that seems more like the blues.

How about:

This morning, I woke up country

Woke up with country music in my soul

This morning, I woke up country

But I hope to go to bed with Rock and Roll


I was going to add an mp3 file with the tune in my head. I didn’t realize that with the free version of wordpress I can only upload visual content; no audio or video. I may have to rethink this. I do have a website mikemccormick.ca which is currently under construction but I was just going to link to the blog. Now I must admit I am rethinking this as I can use wordpress on my site. Hmmmm


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