Building the Website

So I now have the website moved to a new host. I’m using this experience as an opportunity to try and make the site better and more useful for all. My first site used WordPress to make the whole thing. I must admit, it was really simple to make a site that at least worked. I never did much to customize it yet it looked pretty good. It didn’t look good on mobile devices and it always had the blog stuff on each page. But it worked.

I have a few choices for the new site. They have WordPress but you know what, we must move forward! Charge! So I’m looking at things called Drupal and Joomla. Gotta love these names. Drupal sound like Drooper who was one of the Banana Splits so I’m tempted to go with it but from my little bit of reading, Joomla is simpler to use and is better at scaling for mobile devices. Joomla was not one of the Banana Splits.

Maybe he could have replaced Bingo or Fleaglebananasplits


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